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City Routes

1. Ancient Neapolitan routes
main points of interest are located around the Ancient "decumani and cardins" of the Historical centre that is laying over the same lines of the 2000 years old settlement of Neapolis. Here you can visit, just going few metres underground, the Greek-romans ruins or a parallel city, named Underground Napoli, underneath the surface city, that during the centuries has had its own life as a kind of mirror of what was happing outside. Then, from lane to lane you are taken through the majestic Palazzi and Churches of the old Naples, where art treasures and vivid evidences of the old times are enduring through the centuries: we will see grave of Kings and Philosophers, the old residences of poets and actors that made Naples so famous in the world and much more. Finally the tour arrives to The New Castle and the Royal Palace with the huge Plebiscito Square, just few hundreds metres from the wonderful Egg Castle, laying calm and imperturbable on the shores of what was the first settlement of Partenope, and that is considered as a seal of the whole Myth of Naples.

San Domenico Maggiore Churche's sec. XIII

San Lorenzo Maggiore Churche's sec.XIII

the street "Spaccanapoli"

Castel dell'Ovo sec. XII


Museum Routes: Half day visit to any of the above museums 80 euro. Each visit includes a coffee break in the surroundings

2. National Museum
It is one of the richest and most important Museums of Italy and so of the world. Here you can see one of the widest and richest collections of classic arts, with treasures coming from the Farnese family collection, the findings of Pompei, Ercolano and the other minor sites of the Gulf as well as from all the southern provinces of the Reign where Magna Grecia expanded.The Erotic Room is for sure one of the most alternative examples of the ever seen classic arts. The Museum includes also a rich collection of Egyptian findings together with other sections of certain interest.
3. Capodimonte Museum
Surrounded by the biggest city park, there is the recently renewed Museo of Capodimonte hosted by one of the Borbons Royal Palaces. In its wonderful rooms are located the wonderful paintings and other objects of the art collection of Farnese's and Borgia's families, an interesting exhibition of art works of the city from '200 to '800. Finally the fragile masterpieces of the Royal Poltry Factory while last floor is dedicated to Contemporary Art.
4. Museum of Certosa of Saint Martin.
Situated on the top of a hill dominating the city, the Certosa and the nearby fortress of S.Elmo's Castle have been in the centuries one of the most represented icons of the city. The Museum of Certosa is hosted in a old religious Monastery, that was enriched during all different art periods it has lived. Since its birth as Museum it became a civic museums with a wide range of work arts and curiosities of Naples. Few metres higher there's S.Elmo's Castle, an amazing fortress dominating all the area of Naples and is now days housing several art and cultural happenings.

Capodimonte Museum

Certosa San Martino Museum sec.XIV


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