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· The Gulf of Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei

situated to the north west of Naples, are one of the most interesting spots out of Naples city. In effect it's divided form Naples simply by the hill of Posillipo, and it's considered as part of the whole Naples area, even if it has more than few peculiar signs that make it different from all the rest.

11. Pozzuoli:

Puteoli was at the beginning another greek colony, as old as Naples if not older, to become later on the most important see port for the provisions of the Imperial Rome. It still holds enormous signs of those days and not only. In the Rione Terra, a small borgo built on steep rock on the sea, The ruins of the old roman city mix together with the traces of the ancient greek colony and the Middle age settlements. Out of Rione Terra we can admire the wonderful Flavium Amphitheatre or the well preserved Macellum.
Pozzuoli's life in the centuries cannot be understood without knowing the peculiar volcanic activity of Bradisism that has lifted up and down the soil and that in some how has contributed to save the old port warehouses, situated today integrally 4 mtrs under the sea..

A visit to Solfatara, the active crater is also included.
Length of the visit: Half day





12. Baia and Miseno:
In the middle of Pozzuoli's Gulf there is Baia, once the nicest and richest resort of the Roman Empire. Situated in a bizarre volcanic scenario, its beauty was soon caught by Julius Cesar and Augustus who established here there residences and followed later on by Nerone, Caligola, Lucullo and many more. Baia became a land of gardens and luxurious residences built by the most innovative building techniques.
Baia and Miseno, one aside of the other had strong connections at that time. While Baia was an Emperors resort, Miseno was the base of one of the strongest roman fleet, that found easy and safe harbours in the vulcanic lakes just behind it.
Abandoned during all Middle Age, its myth was still alive for the Grand Tour Travellers of the XVIII century and it remained a sort of out of time land until the new urbanization of the XXth . Still now it's impossible not to be taken away by the fascination of the places.
The visit will touch Lago Lucrino and Lago D'Averno with the Apollo's Temple, The Diana's Temple, the Emperial Villa of Baia and the Monumental park, the Archeological Museum of Miseno Castle, the gorgeous Piscina Mirabilis, the beach of Capo Miseno and the Pharo.

Length of the visit: full day is recommended




13. Cuma:
Immediately out of the Campi Flegrei there's Cuma, the second settlement of Magna Grecia around Naples after that of Pythecusa. Cuma is located on the top of hill right on the sea, keeping a defensive position and played a vital role in the spreading of Hellenic culture and later at Roman Times. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, it was progressively abandoned. Tradition recognizes in one of its tunnels the Atrium of Sybilla where Enea was announced his destiny.






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