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· Naturalist Routes:
If you would like to go trekking in the nature on breath taking itineraries you can choose among three main aternatives
13. Vesuvius and HELL'S VALLEY

The most dangerous of the active volcans in Italy and in Europe seems sleeping peacefully in its dominant position in the centre of Gulf, just like a body that embraces with its arms this mirror of water. Suggestive and full with scars for its changeable aspect, it's present in the imaginary of the whole world, and, of course of Neapolitans. It offers to visitors, an easy walk to the impressive 500 hundreds metres wide mouth and several itineraries of different difficulty (never too much) that take from 3 to 5 hours trekking. The paths can go through green sides of Piano delle Ginestre, touching the latest flows of lava of 1944 eruption or up on the edge of the old crater of Vesuvio that is the Mount Somma, just aside of the main crater. Another path goes through the Hell's Valley closed by the old and new crater where a moon lunar landscape unfolds.

Length of the visit: up to the crater 1 hour. Trekking tours can last 3 or five hours

14. Monte Nuovo

The volcan which arose in only one night once upon 1538, is now a dead crater of 180 metres covered by a green vegetation and allows suggestive sights of the whole volcanic area of Campi Flegrei. Nowadays is naturalistic park.

15. Solfatara and Cratere degli Astroni
The last active crater of the Campi Flegrei is the Solfatara, where it's still possible to see some volcanic activity as gas emissions and gives an idea of how Campi Flegrei were in the past when volcanic activities were much more present in the area ( crater of Agnano and Lake of Averno). Astroni's Crater is another dead crater with a wonderful vegetation that made it a hunting area for the Kings od Borboni Family. Today the reserve is under the protection and management of WWF.

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