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Surrounding itineraries in the Gulf of Naples
5. Pompeii
Pompeii shouldn't need any presentation for its uniqueness and extraordinarity. This city was covered by the ashes of a sudden eruption on the 24th August 79 d.c. and it remained untouched up to the XVIIIth century when little by little it was brought to light. In other words we may say it's a kind of picture of what was here 200 years ago and give us a unique opportunity to know by first hand how was the life of the people who dwelled here, with full details. On the other hand it's the first documented natural catastrophe in the modern
6. Ercolano
Ercolano was another sea town affected by Vesuvio eruption of 79 D.C. but while Pompeii was buried by ashes, Erculaneum was drowned by piroclastic fluxes that sealed the old town under more than 20 mtrs of mud as hard as the rock. Ercolano was the first site that Prince d'Elboeuf found at the bottom of a deep well digged in his land in the early XVIIIth century. Here is the famous "Villa dei papyri" where hundreds of papyri were found forming one of the biggest libraries ever found and a priceless evidence of the cultural life of those days.
7. Sorrento
Situated at the southern extremity of the Guf, Sorrento, Sorrentum 2000 years ago, is the guardian at the entrance of the Gulf for all the ships coming from south. Sorrento and the nearby Massa Lubbrense seem stretching her high cliffs towards the island of Capri to which once were united. Sorrento is the most suitable place for a relaxing visit divided between shopping and cultural sites. The old centre, in part with the same plant of 2000 years ago, is a little treasure its self, with old Churches and narrow tidy lanes. We also recommend the Archaeological site of Capo Sorrento and Museum of Correale, a small and old private museum, that is definitely worth a visit.




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